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Innovation for People is the consulting partner for social enterprises and nonprofits leading the way to a world that honors people, values collaboration, and cares about impact. We believe that your people and their relationships are the key to creating change. We catalyze your organization by designing and implementing technology to help you thrive.

For more than a decade, we’ve supported teams managing growth spurts at innovative companies and nonprofits. When leaders are navigating how to map their strategy and organizational culture to the ever-changing landscape of technology, they call on us for help.

Featured work
Trees for Life Trees for Life

This nonprofit wanted to build a product catalog to drive donations, and in the process integrate several web tools into the website while building a central donor management system. Innovation for People lead the design, development and support for the organization as it evolved.

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Strategic Direction
Requirements Definition
Project Planning
Business Process Mapping
Audience Profile


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System Architecture
Web Design
User Experience
Business Models
Collaborative Systems


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CRM Databases
Interactive Web Sites
Marketing Automation
Custom Databases and Apps
Systems Integration


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Training & User Adoption
Team Building
Collaborative Organizations
Online Communities
Data-informed Management

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