About Us

Innovation for People is the consulting partner for social enterprises and nonprofits leading the way to a world that honors people, values collaboration, and cares about impact. We believe that your people and their relationships are the key to creating change. We catalyze your organization by designing and implementing technology to help you thrive.

For more than a decade, we’ve supported teams managing growth spurts at innovative companies and nonprofits. When leaders are navigating how to map their strategy and organizational culture to the ever-changing landscape of technology, they call on us for help.

Valuable Partner
From the start, we add value and make you more successful. We have a knack for quickly understanding organizations at a deep level - and then being able to provide continued strategic guidance, valuable connections, and appropriate solutions. That’s why some of our clients leverage our help over years in roles such as an interim CEO, CIO, coach, and tech support.

Whether designing for growth or building the next brilliant community website, we’ve worked with innovators across a number of industries. Need to figure out how to monetize your program that benefits multiple sectors? Done that. Need to efficiently push out tools to a network? Done that. Need to get people to voluntarily collaborate in an organized way? Done that. We’ve created multilingual knowledge management systems, business plan evaluation apps, Web publishing tools for franchises, a network of local business directories, and tools for grassroots energy efficiency campaigns. We leverage our experience to drive innovation.

Combining the Best Talent
We have a deep desire to help our clients and we don’t let our own limitations stop us. Over the years of finding the best way to help our clients, we have built a network of trusted partners. Our partners allow us to expand our team to add specific skills as needed, offer the best software, and source cost-effective services from proven providers. Got a compelling cause and a need for help? Let us know - we’re excited to find a solution and the right partners to make it happen.

Doing Good While Doing Well
Innovation for People was founded to show that business as usual could be a good thing and has been a recognized leader in socially responsible business. Since our founding, the company has developed policies and practices to generate the maximum positive environmental and social impact. We are proud of our efforts to make a difference - from our employee volunteerism program, nonprofit donations program, and carbon neutrality policy - yet we still strive to be better. We are honored to be the first B Corporation in Georgia, a long time member of the Green Business Network, and an active member of open source communities.

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