We're Here to Help: Free Tech Help Delivered to 60 Atlanta Nonprofits

IFP co-hosted an event that resulted in 60 Atlanta nonprofits getting free technology consulting! The volunteer event, part of the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference organized by NTEN, took place in Atlanta April 8-10. Over one hundred volunteers turned out to help the local nonprofits make better use of technology!
We're Here to Help: Free Tech Help Delivered to 60 Atlanta Nonprofits

Tirza volunteering with Park Pride. Image by Lydia Mann

On a gorgeous morning in Atlanta, the crowd gathered early at the OMNI Hotel for the volunteer collaboration, known as the Day of Service. The volunteers were all attendees at the NTC conference, which drew over 1,400 people to Atlanta. They each selected a project to help with and worked with other volunteers in the same theme and a group of local nonprofits. Topics ranged from online fundraising and email marketing to website and database technologies and social media basics and one group of volunteers even installed a wireless network at the Clarkston Community Center! Each nonprofit received at least two hours of help from one to two volunteers.

From crash courses to trainings, nonprofits got practical advice...and lots of it!  "The room was alive with energy and conversations - everyone was intensely engaged," said Christopher Johnson, IFP cofounder, "and several of our local nonprofits told me later that all the great information they received was like 'drinking from a firehose'". After two hours, many of the nonprofit-volunteer pairs were still engrossed in their conversations. One volunteer, Kivi Leroux Miller, worked with the Furniture Bank of Atlanta to give the organization an online communications strategy! (read about the experience here) IFP's cofounder, Tirza Hollenhorst, volunteered with Park Pride to work on website strategy and tools (see photo to left).

IFP partnered with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) and TechBridge to make the Day of Service possible. IFP and TechBridge both provide technology services for nonprofits and worked with the GCN to recruit local nonprofits to take place in the operation. To right, IFP CEO Chrisotpher Johnson and TechBridge CEO Kathleen Kurre at the opening of the Day of Service.

The Day of Service is part of the way Nonprofit Technology Conference organizers ensure a positive impact on the local community's nonprofit technology capacity. For the last 10 years, the volunteers have been organized by onprofit techie super-star Beth Kanter (check out her reflections on the last 10 years), which has literally helped hundreds of organizations.

Thanks to all the people that made this event possible!

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