Team Development and Collaboration

You have an exceptionally talented group of employees. You have high impact projects in motion and your people are missing deadlines or worse they are hitting deadlines but the results are not what they used to be. You need faster results and more creative solutions, but how?

No professional sports team has reach the championship without fundamental skills training, regular practice, and a coach who is committed to developing the team and its individual members. Yet most groups have ever benefited from coaching and few people have received training on the fundamentals of managing or participating in a team.

Teams Work Together To Achieve Common Goals
When groups become real teams they are aligned behind a common goal and they have the skills, habits, and training they need to achieve greatness. What would be possible if your talented group of employees came to work every day as a team?

High performing teams can:

  • Achieve ambitious goals
  • Create game changing innovation
  • Move quickly without tension
  • Coordinate and plan in minutes

How do you know a high performing team? They:

  • Are skilled at the conversations needed for planning, coordination and oversight.
  • Have habits that create focus, predictability and accountability.
  • Are motivated to make a difference and able to coach each other.
  • Aspire to greatness and exceptional results.
  • Nourish creativity and support change.

Our approach has developed through decades of accumulated experience, deep learning in established fields, and the application of new findings in neurology and embodied cognition. Our coaching programs are tailored to your specific needs and timelines. We teach skills each person needs to succeed like habit change, leadership development and dialog.

Our process develops each participant’s capacity to coach and be coached, so that everyone on the team can become each others’ ally and changes are maintained over time. Our results are extraordinary. We benchmark and measure focus, work value, and output.

Who We Work With
We work with teams of 10-40 people striving for maximum impact. Our best results are with teams comprised of multi-talented people naturally interested in self-improvement and enthusiastic about changing the world.

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