Relationship Management

CRM tools and best practices to strengthen your most important asset

Relationships are key to your success! You need to make sure your people and your systems are working together to create a positive, personalized experience for your audience. Its time for an upgrade in your relationship management tools if:

  • Your team isn’t collaborating about who is working with key customers
  • Requests are falling through the cracks
  • Responding to common requests is a manual process every time
  • Knowledge about your most valuable stakeholders is only “in people’s heads”
  • Your database of key people consists of a newsletter email tool (or a spreadsheet)
  • Your staff are traveling and don’t have relationship information while they are on the go.

In order to maintain thriving relationships, you need to see all your interactions in a central place where clear processes and metrics are designed to support your relationships. Good data and real insight into what’s working will help you continuously improve your communications, drive sales, and develop engagement.

An integrated relationship management system (or CRM) provides you with:

  • Insight into what works
  • Metrics on the success of marketing campaigns
  • Insight into your most effective channels
  • Mobile and web access to details about who you know and how you know them.


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